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What is DelanCam1?

DelanCam1 is a cutting-edge face tracking camera that enhances your gaming experience by allowing you to use your head to look around in many games. You can step into the ultimate realm of head tracking without the need for extra peripherals. Face tracking allows you to elevate your gameplay with ease of setup and immersion like never before!

Our DelanCam1 offers a seamless face tracking experience, faithfully mirroring your every head turn and tilt within the game you’re immersed in. It’s compatible with a wide range of supported games, including:

  • Digital Combat Simulator (DCS)
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (MFS)
  • Elite Dangerous
  • Farming Simulator
  • American and European Truck Simulator
  • Many racing games
  • FPS shooters like ARMA
  • And many more!

Product Description

We understand that every user’s needs are unique, which is why we have designed the DelanCam1 with replaceable lenses. The camera comes pre-set for point tracking as a standard, so if you wish to utilize it for face tracking only, please swap the lenses.

Our camera uses very little of your processor resources, allowing more power for your game! With a high refresh rate of 60 frames per second at 640 x 480 resolution, the DelanCam1 provides a smooth and seamless experience, ensuring that your head tracking is always accurate and responsive.

Not only is our camera a superior product, but we also care about the environment. Our 3D printed enclosure is fully degradable and environmentally friendly.

Product Details

  • Face tracking functionality without the need for extra peripherals.
  • Prioritizing your safety: no Infrared light directed towards your face! Rest assured, we’re safeguarding your vision – absolutely no Infrared light aimed at your face.
  • Very precise point tracking is also available if combined with Delanclip Starter or Delanclip Fusion point emitters.
  • 60 fps – that’s what is enough for super smooth tracking.
  • Plug and play, no drivers required.
  • Adjustable focus.

If you need super fine tracking precision (especially during the dark environment sessions), you can improve it by utilizing our point emitters like Delanclip Starter or Delanclip Fusion and the designated lens included with the camera. Plus, with adjustable focus, you can easily adapt to any distance for your sitting position. The DelanCam1 is designed to be user-friendly, with a swivel foot that allows you to set it at the correct angle to your requirements.

What is in the box:

  • 1 x DelanCam1
  • 1 x DelanCam1 TV / Monitor mounting clip
  • 1 x DelanCam1 lens for face tracking functionality

What else do you need:

For face tracking – swap the lens (included) and nothing else
For point tracking – a head tracking emitter like Delanclip Starter or Delanclip Fusion
A bit of your time to set it up with your favorite game using free OpenTrack software!
All manuals available on our website!

All manuals available on our website!
For face tracking – follow this manual
For point tracking – a head tracking emitter like Delanclip Starter or Delanclip Fusion is essential addition.


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  1. Jeremy Coultino (verified owner)

    Purchased this camera with a little hesitation, just giving it a chance! After arrival to USA (used standard mail which took around 2 weeks) i have put my hands on it. In first i tried to get it woriking without using the manual, but i quickly gone back to this website when realised i am going blind. Oh man, and that was the right chocie! Using DelanCam1 manuals i was set up in no time! The product works fantastic in daylight, and also very well in the darker environment – exactl as described! And more importantly, why i have chosen this instead from other products which are also way overpriced is fact that i am affraid of taking a constant IR light into my eyes, that was one of the most important factors for me as i do not want to expose my sight for any danger, DelanCam1 does not use IR light – brilliant!
    Going back to the face tracking itself – its great, its easy to setup and does what tehey say! Takes a little time to get use to it, but when you get yourself immersed – fantastic feeling! Will definitely recomend to my friends!

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