Head Tracking Explained

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Head Tracking Explained

3 LED spotlights are translated by the software into movements on the screen. The camera in front of you will track the dot lights as orientation points, any movement is then mapped into the game exactly as you move your head.

Why point tracking model?

DELANCLiP as a point tracking model - is the most accurate due to the fact the reciever camera focuses only on 3 LED's points and nothing else can distact it.

While face tracking is still in development stage it may give you not bad results, but there are always downsides of facetracking like ambient light conditions or for someone wearing glasses. It all causes loosing the track. DELANCLiP is resistant to all of them!

Delanclip Starter Gamer Head Tracking on Headphones attached

What is required?

For a point tracking model you need a reciever (the camera) and an emmiter (like our DELANCLiP). Point tracking model is the best and most accurate head tracking available on the market!

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