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Head Tracking in a nutshell

Head tracking is a technology enabling gamers to control on-screen actions by moving their heads. It enhances gaming immersion and natural interaction through precise head movement detection.

How Does IR Head Tracking Work?

IR Head Tracking stands out as an exceptionally precise system, primarily due to its focused attention on three distinct solid points. These particular points are generated by IR point emitters, which are affixed to the side of the user’s head.

The directed emission of infrared light from these emitters is aimed towards the camera, serving as the receiver, typically positioned at the top the user’s monitor.

The efficacy of IR tracking lies in the camera’s exclusive focus on these three specific points. By eliminating other potential sources of interference, the solid infrared light allows the camera to achieve unparalleled accuracy in tracking.

This streamlined approach enhances the system’s precision, ensuring that there are no extraneous objects disrupting the tracking process. More over – it works even in a completely dark environment.

Precision and Accuracy of IR Head Tracking

IR Head tracking distinguishes itself as an exceptionally precise system, primarily owing to its focused attention on three distinct solid points.

It excels in accuracy and precision when compared to alternative head tracking methods, such as face tracking. This superiority stems from the fact that IR tracking remains unaffected by ambient lighting or the presence of glasses, factors that can impede the performance of face tracking systems.

Delanclip Starter mounting example and components information
Delanclip Starter Gamer Head Tracking on Headphones attached

Key Components of IR Head Tracking

  1. Camera: At the core of the IR tracking system is the camera, responsible for tracking infrared light beams and capturing the IR light signals emitted by the LED emitter.
  2. LED Emitter: Typically affixed to headphones worn on the user’s head, the LED emitters emit infrared light beams directed toward the camera. This serves as the foundational element for tracking head movements.
  3. Software: The software called OpenTrack plays a crucial role in processing the data captured by the camera. It translates these captured signals into corresponding head movements within the game, seamlessly integrating the user’s actions into the virtual environment. We love it because its free and open source!

Applications of IR Head Tracking

  1. Flight Simulators: IR tracking is particularly well-suited for flight simulators, enabling pilots to control the aircraft’s movement by turning their heads just as they would in a real cockpit.

  2. Racing Games: IR tracking elevates racing games, allowing drivers to navigate the track with a natural sense of perspective.

  3. First-Person Shooters: IR tracking intensifies the immersion in first-person shooters, as players can scan their surroundings with their heads.

Benefits of IR Head Tracking for Gaming

  1. Enhanced Immersion: IR Head Tracking seamlessly integrates your head movements into the game world, providing a more natural gaming experience.

  2. Hands-Free Control: IR tracking liberates your hands from the constant maneuvering required by mouse and keyboard controls, allowing you to focus on the game’s action.

  3. Reduced Fatigue: IR tracking reduces hand fatigue associated with prolonged mouse and keyboard usage, allowing for more extended gaming sessions.

Why not face tracking or IR reflectors?

Rreflectors and face tracking methods tend to be less accurate alternatives.

You may have noticed that some alternatives offer either a reflective attachment or a face tracking camera with inbuilt IR diodes. However, it’s crucial to consider that these technologies operate differently from the IR light utilization.

In the case of  the face tracking, the infrared light emitter is the camera itself, directing the infrared beam straight at your entire face, including your eyes.

Studies have raised concerns about potential harmful impacts on eyesight from prolonged exposure to IR light. 

It’s essential to remember that the human eye cannot perceive infrared light, making it imperceptible that there is a light directed at your face.

We have considered all those factors and designed a face tracking camera which does not require IR light to operate correctly, making it super safe to use while enjoying quite good results!

IR Head Tracking Guide - the Conclusion

IR tracking has transformed head tracking technology, providing gamers with unparalleled precision, accuracy, and immersion. Its capacity to precisely track head movements positions it as the top choice for enthusiasts of flight simulators, racing games, and first-person shooters.

As IR tracking technology advances, it is poised to elevate gaming experiences, immersing players in virtual worlds with unprecedented realism and natural control.

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