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Head Tracking

Use your head movement instead of mouse, joystick or other controllers.

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What is Delanclip? Experience game-changing PC Head Tracking that takes your gaming to the next level! Infrared head tracking technology is the most accurate system!

Imagine a gaming world where your head movements become your ultimate controller, seamlessly replacing the need for a mouse, joystick, or other traditional input devices. With our head tracking technology, every turn and tilt of your head is faithfully mirrored within the game you’re immersed in.

You can become more competitive in your favorite game thanks to our device you can focus on game instead of a controller!

  • Focus Better

    Stay focused: Minimize distractions with natural head movements for in-game view control!

  • Enhance Performance

    Experience enhanced reaction times and more precise movements, leading to improved results and gameplay.

  • Free Your Hands

    Let your hands roam freely while gaming, naturally using your head to explore, thanks to the power of head tracking with a highly precise point tracking model.

  • Increase Immersion

    Dive into the action and experience the sensation of being inside the cockpit, ship, or car!

A PC gamer sitting in front of a computer ready to play head tracking games!

Many games supported!

  • DCS World

  • Formula 1

  • Elite Dangerous

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator

  • iRacing

  • Star Citizen

  • X-Plane

  • Farming Simulator

  • Assetto Corsa

  • Condor 2

  • War Thunder

  • Truck Simulator

  • ARMA

The list is big so we only mentioned the most popular ones.

Geames with Head Tracking support

Boost your gaming experience!

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  • Freedom

    No need to worry about holding a controller or joystick, as you can naturally move your head to look around you.

  • Immersion

    Feel like you're truly part of the game world, with your head movements accurately reflected in-game.

  • No cables needed

    No need to worry about tangled cords or limited movement, as the Delanclip Fusion operates wirelessly for maximum freedom.

  • No dizziness

    Delanclip will not give you headache nor dizziness. Avoid the uncomfortable and disorienting feeling sometimes experienced with VR headsets.

  • Better performance

    Enjoy smoother and more precise movements thanks to the advanced tracking technology.

  • Easy installation

    Set up quickly and easily with no complicated software or hardware required

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Feel the power of precise PC head tracking!

Experience the full potential of Delanclip with powerful

IR tracking

model, ensuring consistent and perfect precision at all times!

Any budget friendly!

Whenever you are loking for a high end wireless solution a mid range gaming controller or a budget diy product we have covered all. Here you can pick whats best for you.

  • Wireless PC Head Tracking for the most demanding gamers who value cable-free convenience

    Delanclip Fusion Pro
  • Wired PC Head Tracking is designed for those who like the mid range pricing but value the top quality.

    Delanclip Gamer Pro
  • The perfect solution for gamers who are looking for a budget-friendly option, designed for those who are willing to invest a little effort.

    Delanclip Starter

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