Delanclip Fusion

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What is Delanclip?

Experience game-changing PC Head Tracking that takes your gaming to the next level!

Imagine a gaming world where your head movements become your ultimate controller, seamlessly replacing the need for a mouse, joystick, or other traditional input devices.

With our head tracking technology, every turn and tilt of your head is faithfully mirrored within the game you’re immersed in.

Delanclip is compatible with a wide range of supported games, including:

  • Digital Combat Simulator (DCS)
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (MFS)
  • Elite Dangerous
  • Farming Simulator
  • American and European Truck Simulator
  • Many racing games
  • FPS shooters like ARMA
  • And many more!

Delanclip Head Tracking allows you to elevate your gameplay with precision and immersion like never before!

Product description:

Delanclip Fusion is an infrared and wireless point emitter – the perfect solution for demanding Gamers who hate wires and prefer to pay a bit more, but have a cable-free product to build their head tracking system.

It is specially designed for those who already own a PS3 Eye Camera or similar and are willing to invest a little effort into optimizing it for better IR light reception by removing the infrared filter.

TrackIR camera is fully compatibile with our Delanclip Fusion ir tracker!

At just 60 grams, our Delanclip Fusion is so lightweight that you might just forget it’s on your head! What sets it apart is the built-in microchip power management system.

It ensures your battery remains in optimal condition, so you never have to fret about overcharging or over-discharging. The best part? You can use it even while it’s charging!

For your peace of mind, we’ve included an LED indicator in the top right corner. It tells you everything you need to know—blue for charging, green for fully charged.

And speaking of charging, one full charge delivers a minimum of 14 hours of uninterrupted use! But if the battery runs low, simply plug in the charging cable and continue your gaming session while the battery replenishes itself.

Convenience and performance at its best!


  • Super precise IR point emitter, perfect for nighttime players
  • Cable-free experience
  • Lightweight 60 grams only
  • TrackIR camera compatible

Ready head tracking solution:

If you don’t want to bother with modifying the camera by yourself, we have a ready solution for you, just check out one of our head tracking bundles displayed below.

What is in the box:

  • 1 x Delanclip Fusion (cordless infrared emitter), which consists of:
    • 3 x very high-quality infrared LED’s (guaranteed 52000 hrs continuous work)
    • Inbuilt battery which will last a minimum 14 hours on one charge. Charging time is around 3 to 6 hrs.
    • 4 x Velcro Adhesive Button – for quick mounting Delanclip Fusion on your headphones.
    • 1 x daylight filter ( suitable for unmodified cameras, pair of blue and red films )
  • Charging cable is omitted, but you can use any micro USB cable with any 5V charger (i.e. from your mobile phone)

What else do you need:

  • An IR receiver – it means any camera which is possible to modify (you must have this to be able to use head tracking with Delanclip Starter). You can get DelanCam1 or DIY a PS3 Camera
  • Just a bit of your time to set it up with tracking software

Ready head tracking solution:

If you don’t want to bother with modifying the camera by yourself, we have a ready solution for you, just check out one of our head tracking bundles displayed below.


  • Prerequisits (what else do you need):
    • An IR receiver – it means any camera which is possible to modify (you must have this to be able to use head tracking with Delanclip Fusion).
    • You can get DelanCam1 or DIY yourself a PS3 Camera or just purchase a full head tracking bundle Delanclip Fusion Pro which includes everything you need!
  • Setup guides are available on our website


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  1. Spyros Sergakis (verified owner)

    These guys are TOTALLY professionals!!
    Update 17th of January
    DHL asked me €63 for import taxes.
    Delan engineering paid the taxes for me because it was a clip under guarantee!
    This is not so usual nowadays congratulations guys.

  2. Philip Schulte (verified owner)

    🥳Really happy with the Fusion Clip! From build quality to battery life heaps ahead of the competition. Took 14 days to ship it to mainland Europe but that’s not a Delan issue but solely on UPS.

  3. Javier Oquendo (verified owner)

    Beautifully crafted, lightweight and easy to setup, and the best part is that it works like a charm.

  4. Paul Clift (verified owner)

    Nicely made and faster than expected delivery.

  5. John Hawksley (verified owner)

    Bought the Fusion clip to replace TrackIR on a wireless headset to free myself from cables. Initial delivery was damaged by courier so got in touch with Tom who handled the situation superbly. Have now got a fully working setup – the Fusion is *excellent* – for VATSIM/P3D and Condor, with the TrackIR camera and software. I can’t speak highly enough of Delan – their customer service is second to none and Tom and Ewelina deserve every success in the world. 10/10 – thank you SO much!

  6. Luca Bassini (verified owner)

    As a Track-Ir user I was looking for an alternative to the official Track-Ir Pro clip. After having googled a little, I found the DelanCLip Fusion… It works perfectly with the Track-Ir hardware and software I already bought and it’s wireless! I couldn’t ask more! I am really happy! No more cap, expecially during the summer 😉

  7. Cap Sim (verified owner)

    Great product! Great Customer Service! Delanclip have some of the best customer service of any company. I was having a few issues with setting up my Delanclip Fusion but now all my problems are solved thanks to their speedy customer service!!! 😃

  8. Pear Bear (verified owner)

    The Delanclip Fusion is the way to go with a wireless headset. No wires to get tangled in and it’s a light but robust build that will not get damaged by accidentally hitting it (unlike TrackIR). The first time I used it the battery lasted for more than 12 hours non-stop on the initial charge. Extremely happy with it and well worth the price.

  9. Iain Mackenzie (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the original Delanclip for a couple of years now and was always very happy with it. However, I recently bought Tomasz’s Fusion device for TrackIR etc. and I have to say it is a superb product! The old Delanclip is in the drawer now. No more wires! Thanks, Tomasz!

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