PS3 Eye Camera Head Tracking Setup with OpenTrack

No CL-Eye driver needed! Follow our guide to enjoy immersive and smooth gaming!

DELANCLiP Head Tracking Setup Manuals

PS3 Eye open driver Installation

This tutorial was created using a modified PS3 Camera which means the camera has an IR filter removed and floppy disk film applied for best IR tracking experience.

If you purchased the camera from us, it means you have the modified camera and there is no need to attach any filters on top of the lens.

PS3 Camera Head Tracking Setup with OpenTrack

Now is the time to setup your OpenTrack Software utilising the PS3 Camera!

tahts all - enjoy!

You are now ready to play!

The above steps are enough to get you into the head tracking World. There are more advanced settings available in the opentrack software. They allow configuring more than we covered above. We do recommend to go to the advanced settings when you get familiar with the software.

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There is also available more in-depth manual for setting up OpenTrack with your head tracker on the link below:

A complete guide to set up Head-tracking (Opentrack)