PS3 Eye Camera Mounting Clip

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Product Description:

Simplify your PC gaming setup with the PS3 Eye Camera Mounting Clip for PC Gamers. This no-frills accessory is designed for one crucial purpose: to securely attach your PlayStation Eye camera to your computer monitor, ensuring it stays firmly in place.

Key Features:

Sturdy Camera Mount: The clip is built to provide a reliable and secure grip on most computer monitors, preventing your PlayStation Eye camera from slipping or shifting during your gaming sessions.

Customizable Positioning: Easily adjust the clip to find the perfect angle for your camera, ensuring that you’re always in the frame without fuss.

Hassle-Free Installation: You don’t need any tools or technical expertise to set up the PS3 Eye Camera Mounting Clip. It’s a simple, clip-on solution that lets you focus on gaming, not on setup.

Built to Last: Designed for durability, this clip is made to withstand extended gaming sessions and provide long-lasting support for your camera.

Discreet Design: The clip’s unobtrusive design seamlessly blends into your gaming environment, minimizing distractions.

This clip is a straightforward solution for securing your PlayStation Eye camera. The PS3 Eye Camera Mounting Clip for PC Gamers does one job exceptionally well: it keeps your camera in place during your gaming and streaming activities.

For gamers who demand nothing but a reliable camera-holding solution, the PS3 Eye Camera Mounting Clip is an essential addition to your setup. Order yours today and keep your camera steady while you focus on what matters most—your game.

What is in the box:

  • 1 x PS3 Eye Camera Mounting Clip


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  1. Antonio Paparinko (verified owner)

    If you use PS3 camera, this is the best clip you can get! Good quality and easy to use.

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