Delanclip DIY Head Tracker Manual

Let's start the journey into the endless universe!
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DELANCLiP Head Tracking Setup Manuals

PS3 Camera Hack

DIY Head Tracker needs an IR tracking camera!

So, you purchased Delanclip Starter or Delanclip Fusion on its own, this is all you need to know before your build your own diy head tracker

I have the PS3 Camera!

Whether or not you've modified your PS3 Eye Camera, it's time to enhance your head tracking with OpenTrack. Let's quickly set up your PS3 Camera and dive into an improved tracking experience!

Another approach

Another option available to you is the ability to replace the entire lens of your PS3 camera with a new one specifically designed for IR tracking. However, it's important to note that this feature is currently in development, and we will soon be introducing this lens as part of our product offerings. Stay tuned for updates!