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DELANCLiP Head Tracking – PS3 Camera vs TrackIR camera

Hi All, this is our first post on Reddit as Delan Engineering. Hopefully will be helpful to you !

we recently received an email from one of our customer who bought Delanclip Fusion, asking about the cameras.

…using my Logitech webcam. Is this even possible? I don’t want to spend that kind of money on a TrackIR cam. Or would the PlayStation3 camera (fairly cheap) with higher frame rates be a better bet than the webcam?

Below my response:

PS3 Camera with modified lens is as good as TrackIR camera – really!

People trying to discuss abut frame rates, but I have been a lot with PS3 Camera Head tracking and used TrackIR camera too, honestly – I see no difference!

When it comes to game play, you will never notice any difference between modified PS3 Camera and TrackIR camera.

The noticeable differences are visible when you will use standard cameras like you mentioned before

The differences are noticeable not because the camera resolution is different, or the video quality is lower.

It all comes with frame rate. Logitech (basic) cameras can do max 30 fps, which will still give you decent head tracking if you tweak the LED point extraction properly as well as the curves.

But it is the point where you will notice a difference in latency, its a massive step from 30 fps to 75 fps in PS3 Camera. Moreover, PS3 Camera can do 120 fps at lower resolutions, but this is the level where jump from 75 to 120 fps does not make noticeable difference, as human eye and human reaction is already slower than even 75 fps.

So, to conclude all, any camera will work for head tracking, if it can see IR LED light. (some cameras have strong IR filter, and this will be a fail).

But, modified PS3 Camera is the way to go, considering price, the quality and responsiveness as well as possibilities.

PS3 Camera has quite good microphone too (great for Skype).


Tom @ Delan Engineering


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