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Welcome to the DelanClip Den!

Fellow pilots, truckers, and daredevils of the digital realm, gather ’round! It’s time to crack open a digital cold one and celebrate, because your friendly neighborhood head tracking HQ is open for business (and shenanigans).

Why are we here?

Because you, the dedicated sim-slayers and virtual voyagers, deserve a closer connection to the folks who craft the gear that lets you truly inhabit your game worlds. We’re talking DelanClip developments, juicy company updates, and maybe even a peek behind the curtain at what mad inventions we’re cooking up in the DelanLabs.

Speaking of inventions

Buckle up, buttercup, because we’ve got a doozy on the horizon. Introducing the next generation of head tracking freedom: the battery-powered DelanClip! No more wires snaking around your desk like rogue pythons, just pure, unadulterated immersion, wherever your digital adventures take you.

Think soaring through the clouds

without a power cord tether, stalking your prey in the jungle with silent, battery-powered precision, or conquering the open road without tripping over a jungle gym of cables. That’s the DelanClip’s future, and it’s coming soon.

So, grab your favorite flight stick, crank up the sim, and join the DelanClip Den! We’re about to embark on a wild ride, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Buckle up, track on, and let’s get this party started!


  • I have been using the delanclip + ps3eye + opentrack for about 9 months now and with great results.

    Only thing I have recently began to miss is to get rid of the wires. I was thinking would it be possible to provide a battery pack conversion kit for the old standard version? Maybe something with a usb port for easy installation and replaceability?

    On the other hand I could probably create something myself if I had some knowledge of the requirements for the input power. For example is 3V or 4.5V enough with alkaline batteries and so on.

    Thanks and all the best!

  • I got mine after exactly 7 days and Im happy to report that its working well. Thank you!

  • Ive been using this setup for a couple years now and love it. Started using it for Elite:Dangerousna dn star Citizen and it still stands up. I am always suggesting it and I like that my Youtube video is so helpful to people.

    I think I may do a new one for star Citizen.

    Thanks Tomasz!

    • A
        Thank you Marc for your review 🙂
        It is a pleasure to know my customers are happy with the product ! All the best !
  • I received the DelanClip in the post in very good time, it was well packaged and in good condition, I set up the TrackIr and attached the clip to my headset with the cable ties provided, I used a further cable tie to attach the battery pack the the top of my headset, it worked first time, perfect. This was my first experience using a TrackIr and to be honest i was expecting a bit of messing around, but no, it just worked fist time. I have been using it to play Elite: Dangerous with no problems at all, the only adjustment i had to make, was to the position of the DelanClip, as it was hitting my shoulder so i moved it up, apart from that 10/10.
    The only upgrade i will make is a on/off switch to the battery pack.

  • Just got mine in just 3 days, registered mail to Norway.
    Superhappy with the build quality and deliverytime.

    Now, to connect everything and dive into Elite Dangerous..

    • A

      Great news then !
      We appreciate your feedback ! enjoy my friend ! And remember – you have 6 months warranty and lifetime support from us !

      • Worked like a charm, as soon as I looked at your instructions, and got the gain up a bit.. 🙂

        The framerate and accuracy with the PS3Eye is just fabulous!

  • Nice idea – I’m loving my wired version, it’s perfect for Elite Dangerous 🙂

    • A

      Thanks for your feedback David, it is really nice to read the words of appreciation 🙂
      All the best form DelanEngineering !

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