Returning Customer after 3 years saying he never had any issues!

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Today we are delighted with a fantastic replay to our mailing campaign, offering returning customers quite a big discount for our DELANCLiP Fusion – Wireless Head Tracking system.

Phil H, replayed as below:

Dear Tom,

I’d love to take advantage of your special offer but the kit you sold me 3(?) years ago is still working perfectly.  Your products are perhaps too good.
The best I can do is to recommend you to everyone and I have been doing that.
Wishing you all the best
Phil H.
then we couldn’t sto with the replay as below:

Hello Phil,

reeeeaaaalllllyyyy happy about that !
Can i use your comment to put this on our Facebook page and social media (including your name ?)
thank will be a great support for us !
Also if you don’t mind to comment the posts i put later on – this will be amazing !
Thank you for your feedback – very appreciated !
Phil replayed promptly
Dear Tom,
Please feel free to use my comments, including my name, in any way you wish if it helps you and your business.  I don’t use Facebook or Instagram so I can’t help you there but I am on Twitter (with the user name HurstLlama) and will keep an eye on your posts there and on Google.
A couple of days ago a chap from Canada on one of the flight simulator forums I belong to posted asking about what HeadTracking solution he should buy, this was my response:
“If you are looking for headtracking, and how anyone can play CloD without it is beyond me, and are willing to buy from the UK then for God’s sake consider the Delan Clip. It is pretty darn easy to set up (even I managed it all on my own), robust, accurate and, in my view, gives as good a result as TrackIR. I have been using mine for nearly three years and it has been perfect.The chap who runs Delan Engineering, Tomasz , is a bon oeuf of the first water and totally honest – he once refused to sell me something because in his view I didn’t need it (and he was correct).”
Feel free to use that quote too if it helps.
All the best

Thank you very much! 

It’s a huge help for our business !
Phil, i will be happy to send you our DELANCLiP Fusion – free, if you will be happy to pay for the shipping only. I think is the best way i can repay what you did for us !
Thanks a lot and let me know!