Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Unlocks Head Tracking: Experience Immersive Flights

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Flight simmers, it’s time to elevate your virtual adventures! Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has officially integrated head tracking protocols, allowing you to control your in-game view with natural head movements. This game-changing update promises a more immersive and intuitive flight experience than ever before.

  • Head Tracking Takes Flight: Delve into the world of head tracking and how it transforms your Flight Sim experience.
  • Compatible Devices: Discover compatible head tracking solutions, including Delanclip with Opentrack or Facetracknoir, and their integration with MSFS 2020.
  • Benefits of Head Tracking: Explore the numerous advantages of head tracking, such as:
    • Enhanced realism and immersion
    • Effortless cockpit views and instrument scanning
    • More intuitive control for a truly connected flying experience
  • How to Set Up Head Tracking: Step-by-step guide on configuring head tracking.

Ready to soar into a new dimension of flight simulation? Embrace head tracking in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 and feel the thrill of truly piloting your virtual aircraft. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below, and let’s take to the skies together!

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  • Hi, thanks for this update that is some great news.
    I am using opentrack with the simconnect protocol and it does seem to be recognized by MSFS2020. However I can’t seem to find how to use it when flying. The only instance it translates into view movements is at the introductory post-loading scene, when a sequence shows the surroundings of the airport you choose to start at. Could you please let us know how do we activate it for use in the cockpit?
    Thanks in advance,

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