Delanclip reliability proves itself – 8 years with our customer and no issues at all!

Delanclip amazing reliability!

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We have just received an email from a chap in Germany.

Here is what we got:

Hello DELANCLiP Team,

I do have the opportunity to buy a used Delanclip. But since the product is about 8 years old, I’m kind of unsure if it works just like your latest products or if there is a technological difference between these.
An answer would be greatly apprechiated!

Best Regards from Germany

Wow, that is amazing – 8 years old DELANCLiP and it is still in perfect working order! So we have responded to Timo:

Hi Timo,

we have changed the actual shape design a little bit but all the electronics has proven to be reliable and we have not had a need to change anything there.
So yes, 8 year all DELANCLiP will still work the same as the new one.

Tom @ Delan Engineering Ltd